Jeddah Mali Links

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Want to learn more about Jeddah Mali?

Here are some links to explore (partial scholarship for October 14-16 2022 Grass Valley event at bottom of page):

Jeddah's. Website: This is a link to the Q&A that Jeddah hosted on Thursday, September 8th. It was absolutely incredible. Please listen to it (at least the first half hour before people start asking questions).  You won't be disappointed.  Scroll to the bottom of the link.


Life's Hidden Energy - 6 minutes

What Makes Life Work? - 17 minutes

Recognizing Truth DVD Excerpt

Conscious.TV Interview with Jeddah Mali - 52 minutes

Cutting edger Consciousness Interview with Jeddah Mali - 50 minutes

Buddha at the Gas Pump - 110 minutes

Audio Meditations:

Sending Appreciation - 8 min

Light Bath - 12 min

Calming the Mind- 11 min

Letting Go - 11 min

Loving Kindness - 10 min

Welcoming Joy - 9 min

Conscious Awareness in the Present Moment - 23 minutes


Source Watch: Jeddah Mali


Application for Partial Scholarship to Jeddah Mali workshop

There are partial scholarships available to attend the Jeddah Mali Workshop. Applicants who have volunteered at Unity or another local organization will have priority. Otherwise, the drawing will be random.