Job Description Computer Technology Manager


POSITION:    UGC Computer Technology Manager

PURPOSE:   To assist with the proper functioning of UGC computers, internet and related equipment.

SCHEDULE:    As needed

REPORTS TO:  Minister


  1. Become knowledgeable about the UGC computer equipment, telephone, internet router, printers, sound board and lighting systems.
  2. Review UGC hardware/software programs and serve as the interface with vendor technical support.
  3. Document proper operating settings for each piece of equipment.
  4. Review compatibility of UGC equipment and make recommendations for changes and upgrades.

SPECIAL SKILLS OR EXPERIENCE REQUIRED:  Expert level of PC hardware and software knowledge.  Expert knowledge of Microsoft  Windows 10, or higher, operating systems and Microsoft Office  2010; ability to diagnose system problems;  ability to document correct system operating parameters;  ability to multi task; calm disposition; people skills – smiling and a desire to help others.

COMMENTS: This position is essential to the smooth functioning of the Unity in the Gold Country and services are critical when needed.

COMPLETED BY:  Patricia Haller

DATE:  11/18/21