Job Description Family Services Director

Job Description - Family Services Director

Job Title: Family Services Director

Supervisor: Minister

Goal Statement: The goal of the Family Services Director is to enthusiastically coordinate the UGC Youth Ministry Program and to insure that parents and youth in the greater congregation are welcomed and encouraged in their spiritual growth by sharing with them the teachings of Unity and the Universal Spiritual Principles of Truth.       

Time Allotment: 5 hours a week for regular programs
                          20 hour additional a year for special events and holidays

Areas of Responsibility:

  1. Oversight and development of the curriculum used in Sundays activities
  2. Recruit, train, support and supervise teachers, aides, and volunteers.
  3. Schedule & plan events in coordination with the Center’s yearly calendar by communicating with the Office Manager and Minister.
  4. Coordinate lessons & support other teachers.
  5. Supervise the purchase and management of supplies needed by the ministry.
  6. Create and Maintain a Contact Registry of all youth and parents.
  7. Follow up with first time visitors as well as absentee youth in a loving, welcoming, and supportive manner.
  8. Hold monthly meetings with volunteers, communicating with them appropriately on programs, needs, and expectations.
  9. Communicate with the Minister in a timely manner on all aspects of the Youth Ministry Program.  Weekly check-in preferred.
  10. Regularly address the congregation keeping everyone informed of upcoming events, volunteer needs, and on-going programs.
  11. Model Unity spirituality principles for teachers, parents and students.
  12. Be an active participant in the life of the congregation including attending services whenever possible.

Special Skills: An open and flexible leadership style; a good ability to relate to both adults and children/youth; ability to delegate some duties and manage time well with healthy boundaries; an ability to communicate enthusiastically and relate to the congregation in general in a positive way.

Stipend:  $200 a month