Holding Space for a Better Humanity Survey

Emergence evokes the question of what kinds of ‘We’ we can become. Into what could we evolve if we open ourselves up to new ways of working, living and acting together?

What shape could this new 'We' take?

Which emergent capacities could we develop that make us bigger than the sum of our parts? 

“We are doing much more than accessing information about what the future might be and are instead becoming living emergent expressions of this future, portals for evolutionary unfoldment. We are not ‘getting visions of the future’ but are becoming agents of it, now.” – Stephen Busby


What are the signs of our times pointing to in terms of how we might need to change as human beings? How do you think young people respond to this question?
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What changes are required of us individually and collectively?
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How might we evolve ourselves here at UGC? What must we (UGC) do to respond to the signs of the times?
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What might we need to change to make our Sunday service experience more engaging and interesting, so as to have more people join us?
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