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November 2022

Yvonne has been a member of Unity for 31 years, starting in Vacaville and then Grass Valley. She spent 20 years involved with Youth Ed starting at the preschool level in Vacaville with her own children and following them through as they grew. She was the Youth and Family Chaplain in Vacaville, as well. Yvonne then brought her long experience in Youth Ed to UGC including taking our teens to regional YOU retreats. She served on our BOT here in the Treasury position and has been tireless in volunteering in our events and fundraisers.


In her own words “I learned how to hug at Unity. I learned to trust in the Beloved One. I have established a meditation practice which enables me to reach expanded states of consciousness and gain wisdom, insights, and healing. I have developed beautiful and supportive friendships. I have become a more patient, kind, loving person and experience more joy. My life is grounded and I have a sense of safety. Unity has been here for me for 31 years. I feel so blessed to belong to such a loving community.” 


Yvonne, we love and appreciate you so much. Thank you for you.