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Larry Homan




I have been at UGC for about 20 years, I guess. Carolyn and I came about the same time as Jerry arrived. Sunday services were held is a couple of rental spaces over a few years. As we grew, we purchased and completely rebuilt what was formerly Grey Electric Co., where the center now merrily resides.

I have been an official member of UGC since we were back in the old Health Dept. building.

I was drawn to Unity, as so often is the case, by my dear wife, Carolyn. After hearing Rev. Joe speak, I knew this was a place I wanted to be. As so many others have stated, in Linda Ronstadt's words: Feels Like Home to me.

I stay at Unity because it provides me with the spiritual health I need. After leaving the Catholic Church of my youth, I always remained in touch with my spiritual self, but mainly, I think, through the ocean: surfing, sailing, scuba diving- - you name it. Moving from a small Pacific atoll to Nevada City in 1986, put me not in the ocean, but in the pines... My many friends at Unity, all the fellowship, classes, activities, speakers — and Rev. Jere's commitment to evolving and exploring new avenues of spiritual growth have kept me here. This, and so much morel

I've helped in the construction of both our Unity Spiritual Centers, then, along with John Martin, sort of became by default the "go-to" handy man for myriad odd-jobs and maintenance work over the years, including striping the parking lot, installing new toilets, locks, door repairs, etc. I have been involved in many of the classes offered over the years, and still am. I served as secretary and Vice President on the Board of Trustees for five years.

Unity has changed my life in so many ways, literally in spirit, body, and mind. I've made so many new friends, enjoyed working on all the projects, both inside and out, and contributed as best I can whenever possible. Spiritually, i have grown more than I can say, and continue to evolve in that direction constantly.

I can't imagine life without the support of my beloved spiritual community, Unity in the Gold Country.


Dearest Larry, we love and we appreciate you so much!

Rev. Jere, your BOT and congregation



Getting Involved

Volunteering is a great way to get to know your fellow members of the congregation as well as support your Unity community. Here are some ways to show your support. Click on the Job Title below for a full job description.


Family Services Director

Youth Ministry Teacher

Youth Ministry Teacher's Assistant



Altar Designer


Healthy Sunday Coordinator

PowerPoint Person

Sound Board Person

Platform Assistant

Social Hour Hospitality Host

Sunday Usher



Front Office Support

Landscaping Crew


Bookstore Management Team

Facility Maintenance and Minor Repair Team

Website Design and Upkeep




Healing Circle

Helping Hands

Meal Train

Online Prayer

Spiritual Outreach

Sunshine Team




Special Events Volunteer